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At CarbAzymes, our mission is to provide comprehensive information and solutions related to carbohydrates, empowering individuals and industries to unlock the immense potential of these complex molecules. Our vision is to become the leading online platform for carbohydrate research, innovation, and applications worldwide.


CarbAzymes was founded in 2015 by Ryan King, a renowned carbohydrate scientist and visionary entrepreneur. With a deep passion for carbohydrates and a desire to bridge the gap between academia and industry, Ryan saw the need for a central hub dedicated to this fascinating field. Over the years, CarbAzymes has grown into a reputable source of knowledge, serving as a catalyst for scientific discovery and industrial transformation.

Founder – Ryan King

Ryan King, the mastermind behind CarbAzymes, is a distinguished carbohydrate researcher and thought leader. With several patents and countless publications to his name, Ryan has garnered international recognition for his invaluable contributions to this niche sector. He envisions a world where carbohydrates are fully understood, harnessed, and optimized to revolutionize industries ranging from healthcare and agriculture to energy and materials.

The Purpose of our Website

We created the CarbAzymes website as the premier online destination for anyone seeking accurate and up-to-date information on carbohydrates. With an objective to bridge the knowledge gap and dissolve barriers to entry, we built a platform accessible to experts, enthusiasts, and industry professionals alike. Our website aims to educate, connect, and inspire individuals and organizations impacted by the extraordinary potential of carbohydrates.


The primary objective of our website is to disseminate cutting-edge research findings, breakthrough innovations, and real-world applications concerning carbohydrates. By collating information from leading scientists, institutions, and industry experts, we provide a trusted source for scientific papers, news articles, editorials, and insightful interviews. Visitors to our website can deepen their knowledge and drive innovation through valuable resources and networking opportunities.

Target Audience

CarbAzymes caters to a diverse audience, including but not limited to researchers, chemists, biologists, industrial professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, and curious individuals passionate about advancing carbohydrate science. We strive to provide valuable content for both experts diving into the depths of carbohydrate research and newcomers venturing into this exciting field.

Unique Value

Our website sets itself apart by offering an unbeatable combination of authoritative, curated content and an expert team dedicated to ensuring precision, reliability, and comprehensiveness. CarbAzymes works with experienced editors and team members who possess formidable knowledge and expertise in carbohydrate science. Their meticulous review process not only guarantees high-quality content but ensures the latest advancements in the field are readily available to our audience.

Join us at CarbAzymes, where reliability meets innovation, and unlock the transformative power of carbohydrates.

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