The planned activities have been distributed into 7 transversal work packages

  • WP1: The management team will monitor milestones and deliverables, interact with the EC and ensure that timely reporting and other Commission procedures and contractual obligations are implemented.
  • WP2: The performance of the already established reactions of the Consortium at TRL3-4 will be benchmarked against the requirements of the industrial process and the relevant changes will be made to meet industrial conditions at TRL5.
  • WP3: Reaction optimization will be carried out in very close collaboration with the protein engineering partners in order to improve enzyme properties at all stages throughout project execution.
  • WP4: Other reaction variables, such as physicochemical parameters and the form of biocatalyst will be simultaneously optimized. With the established bioprocess in batch format at lab scale, the optimal reactor configuration at lab scale will be determined.
  • WP5: Once the laboratory experiments are complete, we will carry out the industrial validation with demonstration activities to scale-up and evaluate the optimized processes.
  • WP6: Dedicated to Innovation and Exploitation this is the key driver that connects all other WPs, with the aim of responding to external and internal business opportunities with the new technologies, processes and products assembled in the consortium, securing IP, seeking funding opportunities as well as anticipating risks along the entire project lifetime.
  • WP7: Dissemination actions aimed at three target audiences (general public, academic community and industry) will also be an integral part of CARBAZYMES and will aim to promote societal awareness of biocatalysis and biotechnology as a sustainable tool for industrial syntheses, as well as help bring CARBAZYMES products to market.

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