C-C bond forming reactions are of central importance in industrial organic synthesis in order to create commercially useful, relevant new molecules from readily available material. However, the possibility of implementing biocatalytic carboligation processes remains a promising, largely unexplored field due to different hurdles. Herein, CARBAZYMES will overcome such challenges through an inter-disciplinary approach and achieve the biocatalytic synthesis (spanning TRLs 5-7) of APIs and bulk chemicals – corresponding to market needs detected by the industrial partners in the Consortium.

The CARBAZYMES consortium unites leading industrial European companies with the most outstanding research teams on enzymatic C-C bond formation and other relevant skills (Section 4), all with the common goal to implement new green technologies for C-C bond formation at the industrial level and to bring relevant products to market.



The CARBAZYMES concept: A versatile platform of C-C bond forming enzymes replaces traditional chemistry in the synthesis of fine or bulk chemicals in the kg scale, putting in the market biocatalytically synthesized products as well as robust enzymes and new enzyme engineering tools.


In particular, CARBAZYMES pursues the biocatalytic synthesis of products detected by the industrial partners in the Consortium to be market needs – at technical scale and using a broad platform of 4 types of unique C-C bond-forming enzymes as well as the capacity to rapidly evolve them to operate under industrial boundary conditions. This general objective will be subdivided in the following goals:

  1. Biocatalytic entries to bulk chemicals

  2. Biocatalytic synthesis of highly relevant Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  3. Biocatalyst engineering
  4. Demonstration activities

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