Prozomix Limited is a privately owned research intensive UK biotechnology company (SME) founded in 2008 that discovers, develops, produces and supplies a diverse and rapidly expanding range of recombinant enzymes, and offers enzyme discovery services, focused on biocatalysis applications.

Prozomix supplies the global industrial biotechnology market, offering large / unique multi-enzyme panels and up to 10 kg quantities of catalyst for biocatalysis applications. The company has developed proprietary high-throughput genome mining technology, termed GRASPTM, that it uses to both effect its enzyme services, and also populate its expanding Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit. Toolkit customers access the novel and diverse panels of biocatalysis enzymes free-of-charge, and then either buy enzyme off-the-shelf, or alternatively pay a “hit fee” to access expression constructs.


Role in the project

PROZO has been developing genome-mining technology and applying it specifically in the area of biocatalysis for more than 6 years. This fact in combination with an ever expanding genomics/metagenomics database of biocatalysts place the company in an excellent position to effect its CARBAZYMES WP2 novel enzyme discovery tasks.

PROZO will undertake key enzymatic screening against key target compounds, the development of a large / maximum diversity superfamily screening panel of aldolases, and the production of scaled quantities of desired biocatalysts using fermenter-in-a-flask technology.


Contributors to CARBAZYMES

 Professor Simon Charnock

 Technical Director

 Dr. Ruth Lloyd

 Operations Director

 Dr. Jesmine Lim

 Postdoctoral Researcher

 Dr. Yu Yin Qi

 Postdoctoral Researcher

 Mr. Richard Duncan

 Lab Technician


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