Bio-Prodict is a SME founded in 2008 by Dr. H.J. Joosten and is based in Nijmegen. Bio-Prodict is a spin-off from the Wageningen University that focuses on bio-informatics in the field of protein engineering, drug design and DNA diagnostics. Bio-Prodict has proprietary technology (3DM) for the generation of protein super-family systems that can be used to guide protein-engineering experiments. The company applies novel approaches to data mining, storage and analysis of protein data and develop state-of-the-art analysis- and visualization tools. Due to the many customers all over the world (e.g. universities, biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies included large size companies as Merck, GSK, Sanofi Pasteur, Sandoz, and Crucell), and due to the many collaborations in EU project, Bio-Prodict has extensive experience in bio-informatics software development and data analysis.

The company has received the FD gazelle award in 2012 and 2013. These awards are given tothe fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. In 2014 Bio-Prodict won the „zilveren zandloper” innovation award given by the Dutch BioTech Federation. The Innovation Award is given to one or more persons or an organization that have successfully turned science into a product, service or business in one of the biotech areas.


Role in the project

All Bio-Prodict employees have many years of experience in the “protein-superfamily approach” and the development of 3DM. For this reason, in the CARBAZYMES project, BIOP will generate 3DM protein superfamily databases for the target proteins, generate and apply 3DM modules for the prediction of mutations, the selection of mutation hotspots, and the mutant library, design. In collaboration with partner Prozo it will generate enzyme selection panels, and train the project partners in the 3DM system usage.

Contributors to CARBAZYMES

 Dr. Henk-Jan Joosten


 Mr. Tom van den Bergh

 Project Manager

 Mr. Tim te Beek

 Senior Software developer

 Dr. Bas Vroling

 Senior Scientific programmer

 Mr. Sergio Maduro



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