The Carbazymes project will be present this Saturday, June 10th at the 2016 Biocatalysis Gordon Research Conference (GRC) that is taking place at the University of New England (Biddeford, ME).

The 2016 GRC will focus on creativity, expanding both the underlying scientific developments as well as new process concepts for industrial implementation. Such creativity is also opening whole new fields such as biocatalytic retrosynthesis, enzyme cascades and systems biocatalysis. The 2016 GRC will again enable the very latest developments in biocatalysis to be discussed in depth, with a view to defining the future of this expanding field and identifying new applications.

During this meeting, Carbazymes partners involved will perform relevant oral presentations.

  • June 11th,  Monday, 11:00 am - Gerrit Poelarends (University of Groningen, RUG): "Exploiting Catalytic Promiscuity: Design of Novel Biocatalysts for Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation"
  • June 12th, Tuesday, 9:00h am - Wolf-Dieter Fessner (Technical University of Darmstadt, TUDA): "Systems Biocatalysis: Back to the Future"

Other Carbazymes partners will be directly involved in the conference, such as Anett Schallmey from Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, TUBS, which is presenting a poster, and Gerrit Poelarends (University of Groningen, RUG) that will be the discussion leader of “Industrial Processes” section.

Finally the partner Enzymicals AGENZ will have an important role as contributor to the event.

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