Congresses and Conferences

In the following table it is shown the main upcoming events of the fields of: Biotechnology, Protein Engineering, Biocatalysis, Green Chemistry and more.


Dates Location
 4th Int. Conf. Implementation of Microreactor Technology in Biotechnology  23rd-26th April 2017 Bled, Slovenia
 12th Carbohydrate Bioengineering Meeting 23rd-26th April 2017 Vienna, Austria
 Swiss Biotech Day 4th May 2017 Basel, Switzerland
 5th International Conference on Biocatalysis in Non-Conventional Media   9th-11th May 2017 Rostock, Germany
 European Biotechnology Congress 25th-27th May, 2017 Dubrovnik, Croatia
 13th International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries 7th-9th June 2017 Wroclaw, Poland
 European Carbohydrate Symposium - EUROCARB2017 2nd-6th July 2016 Barcelona, Spain
 Biotrans 2017 9rd-13th July 2017 Budapest, Hungary
 18th European Congress on Biotechnology 1st-4th July 2017 Geneva, Switzerland
 7th Congress of European Microbiologists - FEMS2017 9th-13th July 2017 Valencia, Spain
 254th National ACS Meeting 20th-24th August 2017 Washington DC, USA
 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress 27th-30th August 2017 Uppsala, Sweden

 Enzyme Engineering XXIV

 24th-28th September 2017

Toulouse, France

 4th European Congress on Applied Biotechnology 1st-4th October 2017 Barcelona, Spain
 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering 1st-5th October 2017 Barcelona, Spain
 14th International Meeting Termophiles 27th August-1st September 2017 Kruger National Park, South Africa
 12th International Congress on Extremophiles September 2018 Napoles, Italy
 International Conference on BioPartitioning and Purification Not announced yet Not announced yet
 2nd Green Chemistry Congress Not announced yet Not announced yet


Trade fairs

Event Field Dates Location
 Bioeurope Spring Biotechnology 20th-22nd March 2017 Barcelona, Spain
 Bio International Convention Pharma/Biotechnology 19th-22nd June 2017 San Diego, USA
 Pharma Process Forum Pharma 2nd-6th October 2017 Barcelona, Spain
 World Chemical Summit Chemistry 4th-5th October 2017 Barcelona, Spain
 CPHi Worldwide Pharma 24th-26th October 2017 Messe Frankfurt, Germany
 Bioeurope Biotechnology 6th-8th November 2017 Berlin, Germany


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