The Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology of the University of Zagreb, Croatia, organized the 4th International Symposium on Environmental Management – Towards Circular Economy, SEM2016. The SEM2016 took place on December 7th - 9th, in Zagreb, Croatia, at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology.

The symposium was an opportunity to exchange the most recent developments achieved in all fields of Environmental Management and Environmental Engineering. The leading scientists, experts and producers of the most advanced technologies, as well as suppliers of modern environmental equipment met at the same place and dealt with the same topics. Scientists and experts presented the latest theories, concepts and practical solutions for environmental management problems through oral and poster presentations. Among the experts  Assoc. Prof. Zvjezdana Findrik (UZAG) gave the lecture “Biocatalysis – a nature's way towards green technologies” where the CarbaZymes project had room.

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