At the Chemistry Department of the TU Darmstadt a symposium titled: “Systems Biocatalysis for Asymmetric Synthesis— Concepts, Challenges and Rewards“ was held on 23rd October 2015. The event marked the occasion of Professor Fessner´s 60th anniversary under the motto “Back to the Future“. The symposium was attended by approximately 150 scientists, (academic and industrial chemists, biochemists, biotechnologists, undergraduate and postgraduate students), some of which were PhD graduates of Professor Fessner´s group and now hold prominent positions in the industry.

After looking back to the stages of his research career, Prof. Fessner also introduced the future of biotechnology by presenting the ambitious, EU Horizon 2020 funded Carbazymes project, which aims to establish biocatalytic platforms that will allow the production of much-in-demand pharmaceuticals and bulk chemicals, in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner for large-scale industrial biocatalysis.


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