Last February 14th The EU projects ROBOX and CarbaZymes jointly presented their last results. For our project it was the last time to present the project results in a public event during the lifetime of the project.
The conference started with the ROBOX presentation where its coordinator, prof. Marco W Fraaije presented his project. Later our coordinator Prof. Wolf-Dieter Fessner presented the CarbaZymes project.

The workshop also includes poster presentations where our scientist showed our results. Many of the posters presented are already available in our last two newsletters

The Carbazymes session includes, besides the results presented by Prof Fessner, the presentation of Prof  Charnock (PROZOMIX), Dr. Wardenga (ENZYMICALS ) and Dr. Dominguez (Sustainable Momentum)

CarbaZymes will end the project with more than 20 publications, 3 patents and several products and processes development, we expect that in the near future this project will have produce more than 7 patents and almost 30 publications, confirming the project success.


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