The carbazymes consortium is currently making a second project video. The first video available in YouTube which have more than 2300 views in their two sites gave a brief description of the project idea and plans. This second video will provide more insights of the project and will have the opportunity to listen to the Scientist and Students of the project talking about the project results.

The new Carbazymes video is plan to be on-line during the month of March

,Carbazymes Video making-off

Carbazymes Video Makingoff: top-left Prof.Zvjezdana Findrik (UZAG), bottom-left Dr.Philipp Süss (ENZ) and Prof. Anett Schallmey (TUBS); top-centre Prof. Gerrit J. Poelarends (RUG); Bottom-Centre Prof. Pere Clapes (CSIC); Top-right  the PhD students Mr. Guo Chao (RUG) and Ms Sandra Bosch (UAM); top-righ Dr. Aurelio Hidalgo (UAM)



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