GREIFSWALD, February 2019

Enzymicals was nominated by Harry Glawe, Minister of Economy, Labor and Health in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, for one of the most important awards forsmall and medium sized enterprises in Germany. The nomination is a great acknowledgement to the small Greifswald based company which is specialized in the development of chemo-enzymatic processes. The motto of the competition is more important than ever: "Healthy medium sized business - strong economy - more jobs". The year 2019 is under the motto "Sustainable Business". Companies cannot apply themselves for this Prize awarded by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation. Only every thousandth company in Germany reaches the nomination list. Enzymicals is one of them. As the only German business price, the "Grand Prize of the Small and Medium Business" considers not just figures, innovations or jobs, but also the company as a whole and in its complex role in society. “Our company sees itself as a bridge builder between research and industry. Our multidisciplinary team of biologists, chemists and biotechnologists works with passion to apply research results and to use these to develop, optimize and scale up the processes up to industrial scale. We are pleased about the nomination by the Ministry of Economics," says Dr. Ulf Menyes, CEO of Enzymicals AG. This nomination is a great acknowledgement to the company celebrating its 10th anniversary this August.


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