Enzymicals AG is an SME (14 employees) based in Greifswald (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany). The focus of Enzymicals is the development, production and utilization of innovative biocatalysts. Enzymicals covers the entire value chain from biocatalyst discovery via their optimization by protein engineering tools to the efficient application in biocatalysis. This includes the development of economic processes as well as the production of high value building blocks and chemicals using tailor-made processes. The main focus herein is the industrial application of biocatalytic syntheses for a resource friendly chemistry. Based on its background in chemistry and biochemistry Enzymicals is able to produce building blocks and fine chemicals either via chemical synthesis or via biocatalytic conversion. By combining both approaches, high-value compounds can be produced via alternative routes to meet the qualitative and economic demands of the customers.

Link: www.enzymicals.com

Role in the project

Partner ENZ has broad experience in developing and up-scaling of biotechnical processes under commercially driven aspects. The company produces and utilizes enzymes for complex chemical conversions. With this background, ENZ will assist the establishment of the cascade synthesis at lab scale of some of the products as well as their up-scaling to 50 L.

Contributors to CARBAZYMES

 Dr. Rainer Wardenga


 Ms. Henrike Brundiek

 Senior Scientist

 Ms. Agata Bednarczyk


 Mr. Philipp Suss


 Dr. Melinda Fekete




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