The Technische Universitaet Braunschweig (TUBS) has a strong academic focus on engineering and natural sciences and ranks among the top five engineering schools in Germany. TUBS is located in the center of one of Europe’s most active research regions, having strong ties with numerous other large local bioresearch centers such as the Helmholtz (HZI), Fraunhofer (WKI), Thuenen, Julius-Kuehn and Leibniz (DSMZ) institutes. The biocatalysis group involved in this project has been recently established at the Institute of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. The latter is strongly connected with other research groups in chemistry, biology and bioengineering at TUBS.


Role in the project

Partner TUBS has a strong background in the application of different biocatalysts, e.g. oxygenases and halohydrin dehalogenases, for the synthesis of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. This also includes expertise in the identification of novel enzymes as well as their optimization by protein engineering.

TUBS will undertake the establishment and improvement of an enzymatic cascade for key products synthesis.

Prof. Dr. Schallmey's group:

Contributors to CARBAZYMES

 Prof. Dr. Anett Schallmey

 Principal Investigator

 Dr. Marcus Schallmey

 Postdoctoral Researcher

 Dr . Maria Perez Sanchez

 Postdoctoral Researcher

 Dr. Willem Pieter Dijkman

 Postdoctoral Researcher

 Dr. Katharina Gloria Hugentobler

 Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Patric Schrepfer  Postdoctoral Researcher


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