Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is one of the leading research and education institutes in Spain and in association with the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) has been recognized as International Campus of Excellence since 2010. The UAM campus hosts joint UAM-CSIC research centers such as the "Center for Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa” (CBMSO), in which the group involved in the project carries out their work and is also part of the University’s Department of Molecular Biology, the largest and most research-intensive department at UAM.

Link: http://www.uam.es/ss/Satellite/es/home/

Role in the project

Partner UAM has extensive experience in the genetics and biotechnology of extreme thermophiles using Thermus thermophilus as a model bacterium due to the relative abundance of its genetic tools in comparison with other thermophiles. Additionally, the group has experience in the recombinant expression of industrial enzymes. In their laboratory they study the horizontal transfer of anaerobic respiration-related genes and develop biotechnological applications based on thermozymes or thermophilic organisms.

Based on this extensive experience, UAM´s role within the project undertakes the assembly of artificial pathways for whole-cell biocatalysis, the improvement of current thermoselection methods and the thermostabilisation of required enzymes using proprietary selection methods.

Contributors to CARBAZYMES

 Prof. Aurelio Hidalgo

 Principal Investigator

 Prof. José Berenguer

 Scientific Supervisor

 Ms. Esther Sanchez

 Laboratory Technician

 Ms. Mercedes Sanchez Costa

 PhD Student

 Dr. Ana L. Lopes Ribeiro

 Postdoctoral Researcher

 Dr. Nieves García-Quintáns

 Postdoctoral Researcher


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