Carbazymes Partners will have an impotant presence during next BioTrans Symposium in Budapest. 

Monday, 10 of July


Oral Presentation: "Fluorogenic Kinetic Assay for High-Throughput Discovery of Stereoselective Ketoreductases Relevant to Pharmaceutical Synthesis"

Dr Anna Szekrenyi (TUDA)


Thursday, 13 of July


Plenary Lecture: "Engineered carboligases with unprecedented substrate tolerance"

Prof. Pere Clapés (CSIC)


Poster Sessions

  •  "Development of a One-Pot, Two-Enzyme Cascade for the Synthesis of a Lovastatin Analog", Mrs. Yen Chi Thai (TUDA)
  • "Synthesis of cyclic ß-hydroxy-alfa-amino acid derivatives by 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate hydroxymethyltransferase", Dr Karel  Hernández (CSIC)
  • "2-Keto-3-deoxy-l-rhamnonate aldolase (YfaU) as catalyst in aldol additions of pyruvate to aminoaldehyde derivatives", Dr Jesus  Joglar (CSIC)
  • "Engineered class II pyruvate aldolase from E. coli, YfaU, with unprecendented nucleophile promiscuity", Dr Jordin Bujons (CSIC)
  • "D-Fructose-6-phospate-aldolase catalyzed asymmetric aldol additions of simple aliphatic ketones and aldehydes. Synthesis of  pyranose synthons", Mrs Raquel Roldan (CSIC)
  • "Improving enzymatic C-C-bond formation", Dr. Willem Dijkman (TUBS)
  • "Enzyme immobilization in the chemoenzymatic synthesis of a statin intermediate", Dr. Katharina Gloria Hugentobler (TUBS)
  • "Mutability-landscape guided engineering of a promiscuous enzyme for c-c bond-forming reactions", Mr. Lieuwe Bienwenga (RUG)
  • "Michael-type additions with proline-based tautomerases", Mr. Chao Guo (RUG)
  • "Optimization of enzyme catalyzed aldol addition of propanal and formaldehyde", Prof. Zvjezdana Findrik Blazevic (UZAG)
  • "Selection of optimal proccess design in the synthesis of statin intermediate", Prof. Ana Vrsalovic Presecki (UZAG)
  • "Enzymatic cascade reaction for the synthesis of imino sugar precursors", Mrs. Morana  Cesnik (UZAG)
  • "Mathematical modelling of lactone synthesis catalyzed by aldehyde dehydrogenase", Mrs. Anera Švarc (UZAG)
  • "Reaction engineering of the mend-catalyzed 1,4-addition of a-ketoglutaric acid to acrylonitrile", Dr. Martina Sudar (UZAG)
  • "Enzyme selection panel design, experiment design and patent mining", Dr. Bas Vroling and Mr Tom Van den Bergh (BIOP)Vroling and Mr Tom Van den Bergh (BIOP)



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