Sustainable Momentum, SL, is a recently created technical consultancy firm based in Gran Canaria (Spain). Sustainable Momentum, SL specializes in sustainable chemistry, white biotechnology and catalysis. The firm provides technical support, scientific steering and innovation, as well as advice on economic & sustainable industrial chemistry for both at industry and academia, by delivering market-based and scientific documents, monographs, patent reports and editing technical books. Moreover, Sustainable Momentum also works on a bilateral level for on-demand projects.

The interdisciplinary "whole-picture" expertise covers (not limited to):

  • Biotransformations | Biocatalysis | White Biotechnology
  • (Organo)catalysis
  • Lignocellulose processing for biofuels, bio-commodities, etc., within Biorefineries
  • Consultancy | Advisory | Project supervision | On demand Brainstorming


Role in the project

Partner SUSMOM will manage WP6, “Innovation & Quality” tasks in the project. These include the preparation of internal reports covering state-of-the-art of different areas relevant to the project, the coordination / writing of review articles, the initiation of actions to foster novel interdisciplinary projects, the provision of expertise for knowledge transfer from academia to industry and the identification  and coordination of  novel possible spin-off ideas that may arise from the Carbazymes.

Contributors to CARBAZYMES

Dr. Pablo Dominguez de María


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