IUCT is a high-tech company for industrial technological innovation aimed at developing, implementing and promoting new technologies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental fields. The research activity is focused on Biotechnology. Drug discovery, drug development and sustainable chemistry with a special focus on design of safer chemicals are the company´s key strengths. IUCT is a reference company for sustainable chemistry in Spain as it is the Spanish Chapter of the Green Chemistry Institute of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Also IUCT is founding Father of the biobased Industry Consortium (BBI).

The business activity within IUCT is based on the technology transfer and the development of R&D projects under contract. Although IUCT does not have production capacity, several agreements with other chemical and pharmaceutical companies make industrial production possible.

The Development of the IUCT R&D project has led to the approval of 63 patents with 150 more being under evaluation. IUCT is the knowledge division of the mother SME company InKemia IUCT group, the first knowledge company whose mission is the development and discovery of knowledge and the subsequent exploitation of that knowledge by technology transfer, contract research, technological services, technical consultancy, training and knowledge transfer. Inkemia aims at the development of new business opportunitiesthrough new companies which will utilize the novel technology created at InKemia

Link: www.inkemia.com/

Role in the project

Based on its High Throughput Analysis Platform IUCT will undertake support tasks in WP3 enzyme engineering, enzyme library screening. Moreover, the company will use its capacities in industrial biotechnology to perform scale-up and demonstration activities.

The wide know-how of IUCT as a business developer and its expertise with knowledge management enables the company to contribute substantially to the innovation and the exploitation of the results of the project (WP6).

Finally, IUCT will lead the communication and dissemination WP7 and will communicate the project outcomes and messages to the targeted audiences and the broad public.

Contributors to CARBAZYMES

 Dr. Josep Castells


 Ms. Carme Fernandez

 Director High Throughput Experimentation

 Ms. Marta Pascual

 Director Drug Discovery

 Mr. Victor Manuel Deroncele

 Deputy Director Advanced Biotechnology

 Dr. Roberto Horcajada

 Coordination Supervision

 Ms. Laura Castaneda

 Project Management


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