The Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC) has been founded with the aim of pursuing excellence in research, focused on basic chemical sciences. Specific problems of our society are addressed and solved by using tools from the chemistry-biology interface, theoretical chemistry, chemical and biomolecular nanotechnology and sustainable chemistry, including biocatalysis and biotransformation. In particular, the identification of niches where the CSIC expertise can make important contributions will be systematically pursued.


Role in the project

Partner IQAC-CSIC has broad experience in the design and development of carbon-carbon bond formation reactions mediated by aldolases, a research area for which it has received continuous funding since 1998. This includes biocatalyst optimization by structure guided rational design combining site directed and saturation mutagenesis. Both activities fit in the objectives of WP2, reaction optimization and WP3, enzyme engineering. For this reason, CSIC will undertake the biocatalyst evaluation for the target reactions and the assembly of cascade reactions as well as enzyme engineering, bioprocesses development and scale up and demonstration activities.

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Contributors to CARBAZYMES

 Prof. Pere Clapés

 Principal Investigator

 Dr. Jesus Joglar

 Senior Researcher

 Dr. Jordi Bujons

 Senior Researcher

 Dr. Karel Hernandez

 Postdoctoral Researcher

 Ms. Raquel Roldan

 PhD Student

 Ms Clara Tur.lo

 PhD Student

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